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Review of a recent concert in Peterborough, Ontario
by Beverley Johnston and Michael Arnowitt

From The Examiner, Peterborough, Ontario

"A sensational concert, truly a unique experience. The over 400 who were there thrilled to the performance of Beverley Johnston, percussionist, and Michael Arnowitt, pianist.

"Johnston's delightful and unassuming personality instantly appeals to her audience; her comments about works to be performed are both entertaining and helpful to the audience's understanding of what they are to hear.

"... Johnston played Memories of the Seashore, an evocative work by a Japanese composer, with amazing skill and dexterity on her five-octave marimba, a gorgeously mellow instrument with wonderful bass notes... In this, as well as other works which Johnston played on the marimba and vibraphone, the mallets seemed to be an extension of herself, each note lovingly executed. This was especially evident in the playing of a Bach chorale.

"Arnowitt, a pianist with exceptional skill and versatility in classical music and jazz, joined with Johnston ... Matre's Dance, an astounding work combining drums and piano by a New Zealand composer, had to be heard to be believed, with its complex and ever-changing rhythms and meters. Three hauntingly beautiful tangos by Piazzolla contained elements of pathos. Arnowitt's solo performance of the Pastorale from Makrokosmos, Volume 1 by George Crumb fascinated his listeners with the atmospheric effects.

"Johnston performed an amazing work in which Japanese temple bowls, wind chimes and the vibraphone were used....To the many who think of percussion in terms of drum sets and timpani ... it must have been a revelation to see the sensitivity with which these instruments were played.

"It is almost impossible to comprehend the amount of planning, arranging and rehearsal time that went into the performance of these works. And the amount of discipline and concentration and skill of the artist is beyond words."

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