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Michael’s Bridge Sanctuary

Welcome. My name is Michael Arnowitt. I hope you will enjoy the below articles about bridge. As I regard myself as a bright intermediate player, it shouldn't surprise you too much to learn that the writings on this site are of a style that will bring most pleasure to readers of like ability.

Pascal once said, “the universe is not only queerer than we suppose, it is queerer than we can suppose.” He might well have been talking about our favorite game. Trying to understand the game of bridge, too, is a limitless endeavor, one where the more we progress the more we realize we have to learn; the horizon continually recedes. So perhaps “bright intermediate” is really our permanent station in life.

As with the rest of my web-site, I invite your comments and responses to any of the material presented here. An e-mail link is provided next to the big mailbox at the bottom of this page.

Outside of the “sanctuary” in real life I am a classical and jazz concert pianist. If you’re in a surfing mood, please feel free to check out my home page, where you can find quite a bit of information as to my musical activities as well as a collection of essays on various music topics I’ve written over the years, to which I invite your responses.

OK, enough of the prelude. Enjoy!

Why I play bridge
Kibitzing Zia
Quotes from Zia
My favorite bridge books (and why)
An entry-shifting squeeze in real life
A Russian bridge joke
Once in a lifetime
Declaring and defending a trump coup
The gambit
Never give up (3 NT doubled and vulnerable?)
The simple squeeze - practical shortcuts (under construction)
The magic of a simple squeeze (under construction)
My best pieces of bridge advice
Colorful bridge slang
Poetic justice
Being a good partner
The smallest finesse
David v. Goliath (under construction)
Congratulatory letter from the ACBL, plus a translation
Interesting bridge links (with descriptions)

I have often found reading accounts of bridge hands on a computer to be visually difficult. By the time you read down a few lines, the original hand diagram is already off the screen, so you either have to commit it to memory or constantly scroll up and down, either of which detracts from the pleasure of reading.

To hopefully solve this problem I have formatted the hands in columns, with the bridge hand on the left and commentary on the right. To avoid your having to scroll back upwards, I have repeated the hand diagram in the left-hand column as the article progresses (naturally, with only whatever cards are left at that point in the unfolding play).

I think this presentation works extremely well, but it’s possible the tables will not display correctly for all users.

[This site is archival; I stopped playing bridge around 2005 due to declining vision.]

Credits: the suit symbols used in the right column here and in the articles thanks to Rod Roark. The wallpaper of suits on the left courtesy of Ania Kreglewska of Poland. I'd also like to thank the many fine top players in Vermont (USA) who generously gave of their expertise in helping me progress. Hope you enjoy the “sanctuary,” and once again, welcome.

e-mail: foodsong@gmail.com