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Wedding Music Selections

Here is a list of music selections I have played at past weddings. Naturally, many other classical and jazz selections other than those mentioned here are possible; feel free to ask about particular pieces, classical composers, or jazz performers whose music you especially like. Performing special requests may involve an additional fee depending on length and difficulty of the requested piece of music, and whether or not the music is being provided to me, or if I would need to spend time researching and finding the sheet music and/or a recording from which to learn the selection.

To receive a fee quote for my wedding services, please call me at 802-229-0984 so we can discuss your needs, or use the contact link in the header above. Normally, I am hired to play for one or more of the following situations:

- the rehearsal dinner the night before
- the wedding ceremony itself (usually also includes a little music while guests arrive and leave)
- cocktails/appetizer time period between the ceremony and a post-wedding dinner
- during a dinner after the wedding

(I am not the most appropriate choice to field a band for after-dinner dancing - I would suggest you look elsewhere for that need.)

I can play classical music, jazz, and a few pop numbers. Typically, I will perform classical music by myself (solo piano), and jazz either by myself or with a group of 2-5 musicians.

I can send you a CD of my piano playing in the mail upon request, or you can listen to mp3 excerpts on this web-site by clicking on “sound samples” in the banner on the top of this page.


Wedding music selections played at past weddings

during wedding ceremony and music while guests are arriving