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Writings on Music by Michael Arnowitt

Please find below links to various essays and articles I have written over the years on music topics. I hope you will find these pieces thought-provoking, and I encourage you to respond to any of these essays with your comments; I include below each article excerpts from the most interesting replies I receive. I am sure people would be interested to know the town and country you are from, so, if you’re willing, perhaps you could mention that when you e-mail me.


Essays and articles on this site

Recent Essays on Music Topics 2020 and 2021
Yom Ha-Shoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) in Music and Silence
I’m hearing concertos everywhere?
Beethoven Journal
Beethoven’s Sketches
Beethoven CD liner notes (excerpt)
Program Notes for “Reflections on Time”
Program notes for “Perspectives On Our Machine Age”
Top 10 Pieces of the Past Millennium
Report on the 1997 Boston Early Music Festival
Why I don’t play chamber music
Thoughts on the Close of the Century
The Sound of Silence (under construction)
The Contradictions of Glenn Gould (under construction)
Philosophy of concert program construction (under construction)
The Ideational School of interpretation (under construction)
Lighter fare: four one-page “Lives of the Great Composers”
      pieces, intentionally written in a modern, hip style;
     originally published in the literary magazine “Big Fish”
     Mozart (under construction)
     Beethoven (under construction)

Why I Love Bebop
Jazz in Mud Season
Jazz in Vermont: Part 1
Jazz in Vermont: Part 2 (under construction)

My new blog “Sweet Spontaneous”

You can find some of my shorter writings on my new blog, Sweet Spontaneous.
In addition to blog posts, this new site also has some of my not-too-serious “lists” such as:

The 10 best classical pieces of the past millennium
The 10 best classical composers of the past millennium
Favorite poets
Favorite food flavors
My 10 favorite jazz recordings of all time