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Duo Program with Beverley Johnston

We're very excited about this collaborative duo program with Beverley Johnston, one of the finest percussionists in all Canada. Beverley Johnston has a beautiful touch and sensitivity that we feel blends well with Michael's style. She is also an extremely dynamic performer on a wide range of different percussion instruments.

Their program has an impressive variety of music from composers from around the world. Beverley and Michael will also both perform, scattered throughout the program, solo works as well as duo works, to give the evening more shape and contrast. In the 1998-99 season they performed seven times in both Canada and the U.S. They also performed together as part of a larger touring ensemble, the 49th Parallel Music Festival, in 1994.

A special feature of the program is a new work by the Canadian composer Christos Hatzis, Fertility Rites, for marimba and tape, based on the haunting sounds of Inuit throat-singing. The composer and CBC personnel have made several trips to Arctic Canada to record the ritual singing and interview elders of the Inuit. Fertility Rites powerfully evokes the inner and outer worlds of native culture and their ultimate merging in an uninhibited, celebratory finish.

To read from a review of one of their most recent concerts, in Peterborough, Ontario, please click here.


Bach -- selected 3-Part Sinfonias, transcribed for marimba and piano
Norio Fukushi -- Silica, for vibraphone and piano
Brahms -- Intermezzo in B-flat minor, op. 117 no. 2 and
        Ballade op. 10 no. 1 "Edward," for piano solo
Aseon Han -- Traumbild, for multiple percussion and piano
John Psathas -- Matre's Dance, for various percussion and piano

-- intermission --

Sofia Gubaidulina -- Chaconne, for piano solo
Keiko Abe -- The Memories of the Seashore, for marimba solo
Christos Hatzis -- Fertility Rites, for marimba and tape
Astor Piazzolla -- Selected tangos, arranged for vibraphone, marimba, percussion and piano

Nationalities of composers:
Fukushi - Japan
Han - Korea (presently living in Germany)
Gubaidulina - Russia
Hatzis - Canada
Psathas - New Zealand
Abe - Japan
Piazzolla - Argentina

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